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:mega: Wildcards & Dynamic Callback Support - In Development, Looking for Feedback

Hello everybody - We are working on a big new feature in Dash: “Wildcard Callbacks”. This feature will enable you to write callbacks that listen to or update a dynamic number of elements. This was one of the deep, long…

17 February 17, 2020
:mega: Dash for R v0.3.0 released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Dash for R v0.3.0, which brings us to parity with the Python release in terms of major features within the framework. Additionally, v0.3.0 provides several improvements to streamli…

2 February 13, 2020
:mega: Dash Club - Winter Edition

Hello everyone! I just sent out our quarterly Dash newsletter, Dash Club. In case you aren’t on the email list (sign up here: https://go.plot.ly/dash-club), I’ve included the newsletter below. Lot’s of good stuff in here…

3 February 7, 2020
:mega: Announcing Plotly.py 4.5 for Dash

(cross-post from the Plotly.py channel) I’m excited to announce that Plotly.py 4.5 is now available for download via pip and conda! For up-to-date installation instructions (including the extra required steps for Jupyte…

4 February 1, 2020
Enjoying Dash? We'd love a review on g2 :pray:

Hey Dash community – Dash is growing, and it’s starting to get reviewed all over the web now! :upside_down_face: One of the sites is g2.com. If you’ve had a good experience with Dash, we’d really appreciate it if you c…

6 January 7, 2020
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