3D Scatter plot disappears


I have a page with a 3D scatter plot. I’m observing that sometimes the plot will temporarily disappear. This happens especially often when I scroll the plot out of view in the browser window. I’m always able to get it to re-appear when I mouse over it.

Had anyone else observed this behavior? Is there something I can do to prevent the plot from disappearing?


Yes I have the same issue when I am trying to draw a mesh3d.


Yes, i see the same behavior in my 3D plots. I haven’t found any solution yet.


here’s an example:

when this loads in chrome, i see this:

And only after hovering over the figure, or interacting in some way does the plot appear.


I can confirm this with scatter 3d chart but only on Chrome (65).


Listing info about your OS and hardware would help us immensely. WebGL rendering can be very machine-dependent sometimes. Thank you all.


I’m using Chrome (V65) and Windows 7 Enterprise,

what hardware info would you like?