3D Scatter Plot in Real Time

I am trying to use Plotly and Python in order to visualize some data real-time in a 3D Scatter Plot.

So far I have created and plotted a scatter plot in 3d of random values.

I am now trying to update the position of these particles in the plot to see them change live in real time. (so they appear to be moving)

I would appreciate any help on this.

Thank you.


@soali You can animate your points, i.e. in each frame add new points. Here is the Plotly tutorial for offline and online animation: https://plot.ly/python/animations/.

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Thank You! @empet I appreciate it. I have been playing around with animations and am still not able to achieve the goal. Is there a way, using animations and the frames, to update an existing plot as new data (a trace) is being received by the program? Something like this: https://i.stack.imgur.com/1HROm.gif

Thanks again for your help!

@soali, You can animate 3d points as in your gif. This example of 3d animation could inspire you to simulate the motion of those 3d points:

Hi, I am complete newbie to dash. I have requirement to create something like https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rahulrajpl/oblutrack/master/docs/Peek2.gif

I have created this in matplotlib. Could you please tell me what is the way to reproduce this in dash?
2D live plotting I am able to achieve. How to do 3D?