Add another button to slider

Is it possible to add two slider buttons to the slider? Meaning - the slider currently has one circular button to adjust which tick the slider button rests on. I would like two, for my implementation. Is this possible?

Or… if that’s not possible - how would I re-purpose the range slider? I would simply just need the functionality to be able to move the two endpoints in a range, but I would not want it to affect the chart ( no zooming in or anything ) .

Can you elaborate more?
So you want to use the slider once to zoom in to your graph, and once to fulfill a different function?

I could imagine to different ways:
Either you use the slider as a state instead of an input and create a second button which needs to be pressed in order to zoom in the graph the appropriate amount, OR, if you want to keep it dynamic create a radioitem:
“Do you want to zoom in?” yes, no. Use the value of this checkbox as a State in your callback and then use an if condition in the function that zooms into your graph, so it only does this when ‘yes’ is selected.

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