📣 Announcing Dash for R

:sparkles: :mega: Introducing Dash for R

Hello Dash Community! I’m excited to announce the arrival of Dash … for R users! We’re bringing the power, productivity and features of this highly extensible, developer-friendly framework to the R community. You can find our Medium post here: https://medium.com/@plotlygraphs/announcing-dash-for-r-82dce99bae13

The API and syntax are extremely similar to Dash for Python, so it’s exceptionally easy to get started writing R apps or porting your existing projects if you’re already familiar with Dash.

We’ve been hard at work on this project for several months; all the component libraries you know and love from Dash for Python are now available for R as well:

  • Dash Core Components
  • Dash HTML Components
  • Dash Table
  • Dash Design Kit
  • Dash Bio
  • Dash Canvas
  • Dash Cytoscape
  • Dash DAQ

In addition, R developers will enjoy the same in-browser debugging and callback graphing experience as Dash for Python users with support for Dash Dev Tools:

For Dash Enterprise customers, app developers will especially appreciate support for Dash Design Kit in R, which makes styling and theming your apps a breeze :sailboat: :relieved:

To see Dash for R in action, please visit our recently updated Dash gallery, which now includes over 25 of our sample apps rewritten in R!


And don’t forget to check out our extensive, interactive online R documentation, with plenty of helpful examples to get you started quickly making sophisticated, stylish apps with Dash:


We’re in the process of publishing the package on CRAN, but for now you can install using the install_github function which is available after loading the devtools package:

install_github('plotly/dash-html-components') # HTML components
install_github('plotly/dash-core-components') # Supercharged core UI components
install_github('plotly/dashR') # The core dash backend

Please check out Dash for R and tell us what you think! We can’t wait to see your apps in our Dash Show and Tell forum: Show and Tell - Community Thread 🎉

…and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or suggestions! :slight_smile:

– Ryan (Dash for R lead developer)


Hi there

looks very interesting, something to consider to use in some cases when Shiny may be an overkill.

Do you have any tutorial of setting up it on a web server and making apps available for public?

Hi Alex!

It’s possible to deploy Dash for R apps using either Dash Enterprise or Heroku; for the latter, there are some notes in the Deployment section of the docs:



Hi Ryan

thanks for reference.

Is there anything for AWS deployment?

@chriddyp @rpkyle The Dash R documentation seems to be down right now. I get this error: ERROR: 'names' attribute [9] must be the same length as the vector [8]

Hi Rafael,

I’m sorry you’ve run into trouble. Could you try clearing your browser cache and revisiting the page? I think it should load properly afterwards; please let me know if this isn’t the case.


Hi Alex,

I think this reference might be useful — some of the material is applicable to Shiny users, but if you follow the guide and modify the configuration to install Dash for R, it might do the trick:



Thanks, that worked!

Hi Rafael,

We recently merged PR #122 which addressed a cookie-parsing bug in the reqres package (upon which the dash package depends); I believe this should prevent the error from occurring, but if you (or anyone else) encounters it again, please let us know.


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