Big sankey diagram (100 sources and 100 targets)

I’d like to plot a sankey diagram with many nodes (100 sources and 100 targets).

I faced 2 problems:

  1. Plotly visualisation crashes when I try to plot >300 connections ( Is there a limit amount nodes and connections that I am able to plot? Or I am doing smth wrong?

my code:

`data = dict(
domain = dict(
x = [0,1],
y = [0,1]
orientation = “h”,
node = dict(
pad = 10,
thickness = 30,
line = dict(
color = “black”,
width = 0.5
label = list(tr[‘trend’])
link = dict(
source = list(rate_t2_t1[‘number2’]),
target = list(rate_t2_t1[‘number1’]),
value = list(rate_t2_t1[‘p(2|1)’])

layout = dict(
title = ‘’,
height = 1200,
width = 1200,
font = dict(
size = 10

fig = dict(data=[data], layout=layout)
plotly.offline.plot(fig, validate=False)`

  1. The maximum amount of connections that I’ve been able to plot were 300. The result looked messy
    Any ideas/suggestions how to make it look better?

I realised, that the mess of lines was mostly due to cycles in the data, so I deceided to prepare data to eliminate cycles.

What i’ve done:
I selected nodes with the biggest outflow and labeled them as sources. These source nodes had no incoming flow.
I duplicated these nodes, labeled them as targets and added to other target nodes with the incoming flow.
This helped to improve the picture.

But I have a problem with arranging nodes. I would like to arrange nodes in spectfic order and have no idea how to do this

Hi @completebasis,

see for some discussion of this in the plotly.js project.


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