Box Plot Whiskers at Percentile Level rather than 1.5 x IQR


Hi, I’ve searched through all the plotly documentation I can find on box plots, there’s lots of options for styling/layout etc. but I can’t see anything to change the whiskers level from the default (whiskers at 1.5 x IQR above and below Q1 and Q3, I would like the whiskers to be plotted at the 95th percentile level with points above this being shown as outliers, does anyone know if this is possible?



Hey @shaunsweeney
This isn’t possible right now. I’m a little hesitant to add a feature like this because I think that all box-plots should have a standard meaning and interpretation.


Hi @chriddyp,

Cool I get that as it would make lot more sense if that was the case. I think this isn’t actually the case though with a lot of box plots, these are IPCC ones using whiskers at 5th/95th percentile:
Fig 1.1c here - box plot on page 9, description of whiskers levels on page 10
Fig 2 page 43 here

And the wikipedia page suggests there can be a few different types of box plot too:
[Wikipedia page][3]

I would even suggest that the 90th/95th percentile would be a better way to go, I’ve always found the 1.5 x IQR / Tukey box plot more difficult to interpret.



I’m also looking to put whiskers representing 90th percentile on my graphs.


+1 Exact same need. In R ggplot2 a function can be provided as parameter, returning the limits of box and whisker. Something similar would be very useful to my opinion.


Apologies for posting to an old thread, but also looking for that feature here.

It’s fairly standard practice to use the 95th/5th percentile on box and whisker plots in my field. Identifying data points of interest by looking for things that fall outside of 2 standard deviations (95% to 5% for normally distributed data) is widely used. It’s also statistically more solid as a cutoff for outliers than a somewhat arbitrary 1.5 x IQR measure.