Combo Bar/Scatter Plot Axis & Fill Issues

Hi, I have 2 issues when trying to plot a Combo Bar/Scatter plot. I’m not sure pasting my code will help much since it’s quite convoluted and there are other functions used. Anyway, here it is:

def sus_chart(start_date, end_date, day, week, month, view, group):
    start_date, end_date, date_group = date_process(start_date, end_date, day, week, month)
    signups = sus_fetch(start_date, end_date, date_group, group)
    signups = refactor_dt_df(signups, 'date', start_date, end_date, date_group, group_col='grp')
    signups = gen_cnst_df(signups, 'date', 'count')
    if group == 'signup_type':
        signups_net = signups.groupby('x')['y'].sum().reset_index()
        signups_net['group'] = 'Net Signups'
        chart_y_axis = 'Signup / Cancellation Count'
        signup_cmap = {'New Signups': 'emerald', 'Return Signups': 'peter_river', 'Cancellations': 'alizarin',
                       'Expiries': 'carrot', 'Net Signups': 'midnight_blue'}
        colour_map = {k:colour_dict[v] for k,v in signup_cmap.items()}
        signups_net_params = {'mode': 'lines+markers', 'fill': 'tozerox', 'fillcolor': 'rgba(44, 62, 80, 0.3)', 'line': {'shape': 'hvh'}}
        traces = gen_traces(signups, 'bar', colour_map=colour_map)
        traces.extend(gen_traces(signups_net, 'scatter', colour_map=colour_map, custom_params=signups_net_params))
        chart_y_axis = 'Signup Count'
        colour_map = {}
        traces = gen_traces(signups, 'bar', colour_map=colour_map)
    df_shape = (signups['x'].max() - signups['x'].min()).days / date_group_map[date_group]
    return {
        'data': traces,
        'layout': dict(
            barmode='relative', legend=legend_dict, font=font_dict, margin=margin_dict,
            xaxis=gen_ts_xaxis(df_shape, date_group, start_date),

Executing that results in the following:

Two issues here:

  1. The date/x axis has an additional day added to each end. This doesn’t occur if I don’t include the Scatter trace data
  2. The fill tozerox doesn’t fill to the correct point

Any help would be much appreciated. Hope everything’s clear.

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