Custom range via input field - override default implementation

Hi Plotly Community,

I’m wondering is there a way I can add my own implementation of the current functionality for editing the minimum and maximum range for a given axis using the input fields that appear when you click on either extreme of an axis. I want to keep a constant difference between the two range values.

Ideally I’d like to implement the following:
Upper Range Changed: [ value - (CurrentRange[1] - CurrentRange[0]) , value ]
Lower Range Changed: [ value , value + (CurrentRange[1] - CurrentRange[0]) ]
Where CurrentRange is the [min, max] range before the new value is entered and where ‘value’ is the number entered.

Example Scenario: I have a standard line chart plot with a single trace with data points in the range [20, 50] and I manually set the range to be [15, 55] via the layout object for the y-axis and the x-axis is in the range [0, n number of data points]. If I click on the top of the y-axis tick labels to display the input box used to modify the upper range limit and delete ‘55’ and enter ‘60’ I want the lower y-axis range to update to ‘20’ maintaining the difference between the upper and lower range of 40.

Is this possible?

(A codepen example would be great if possible!)

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