Dash alternative for now obsolete free streaming to Plotly Cloud



Till 2 weeks ago, my Arduino Yun generated a daily Plotly API graph by streaming data from 2 .csv datalog files (< 500 kB) each night (simple Python script on Arduino Yun).

As this free service is no longer available, I want to switch over to Dash and a free Heroku account.

According to Plotly (https://plot.ly/python/streaming-tutorial/) Dash supports streaming, but the given Dash Wind Streaming example only loops through a static .db sqlite file on Heroku.

I already managed to get Dash working on Heroku, but I can’t find an example Python script for my Arduino Yun to upload a .csv or .db to Heroku.

Did anybody else already do this?


You could use a PostgreSQL add-on but it looks like the free plan is limited to 10,000 rows.

Edit: There are other database add-on alternatives that may serve you better on the free plan but I am not familiar with them.



Did anyone already try the AT&T M2X add-on on Heroku to stream data which are then processed with a Dash app on Heroku?

I’ve explored the Google Drive option, but my Arduino Yun (still running Python 2.7) can not manage the apiclient module which I successfully used on my desktop to send csv’s to the cloud (i/o streaming data).


Got it working.
Arduino Yun (Python2.7) > csv files > uploaded to Google Drive (apiclient) > hosting via DriveToWeb > Dash on Heroku