Dash and Vue: is it possible, if so how?

So I get that Dash and more specifically Dash components are json-ified react components. While I am not completely sure of how specifically plot.ly achieves the react to python to html, I am assuming that the Dash app “under the hood” adds the react javascript tags, registers the components, sets up the app, etc in html in some script tag.

My question is, if at all possible, can Dash be used with Vue and if so, can it be used at the component level / in a JS based back-end like Nuxt.

Given that components dash can handle must be json-serializable I am under the assumption that trying to include a compiled Vue component will not work… Ideally, I would like to use a Dash graph component (and maybe some of the controls) in a Vue component…

Good question. I’m trying now to implement this:https://github.com/nathanreyes/v-calendar
in my Dash app, and still don’t know how to handle it. If you will get or already have any info-please, let me know

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