Dash Table - Dropdowns Inside Table?


Hey All,

Is there a way to add drop-downs as part of rows in an editable table? There is this use case where I would like the user to select an item from the drop-down in Column A and then set some arbitrary value in Column B:

Column A Column B
Banana 10
Apple 5
Orange 6

Where Column A contains a list of [Banana, Apple, Orange]


Display tables in Dash

There is not right now. However, I am working on a brand new table component that will incorporate this.

Here is a sneak preview:

Display tables in Dash

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Many thanks!


This is amazing work Chris! Might be asking for alot here but is there any alpha source code I can take a look at with the drop-down example you have?


for the time being, i used an html.Table and adjusted the entries according to predefined variables(dcc.Dropdown or dcc.Input.
would be extremely tedious if you’ve got a large table though.


Unfortunately it’s not ready to be shared yet. It’s currently being developed for a customer project (https://plot.ly/products/consulting-and-oem/) and we’ll share it once it becomes more stable.


No worries. Amazing work by the way!


That looks amazing @chriddyp. Cant wait!!! :smile:


Hey @Ola, can you please share me a small working code. I’m stuck at this point and not able to figure it out on how to update it. Thanks.


Unfortunately, I overwrote the code I had, but it was something along the lines of:
x = dcc. Input(...)
y = dcc. Dropdown(...)
html.Table(html.Tr(html.Td(x), html.Td(y))) repeated for the number of rows needed.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Plotly Dash desperately needs a full-dancing and singing data table component.
Atm, I have switched from current table prototype to html.Table(), because prototype had made my code unnecessary complicated (in my use-case). But I believe that in the future, python server callbacks for a data table is such a unique feature in Dash that it will make all those fancy javascript table libraries run for their money.
Keep up the great work @chriddyp !


Thanks @Vlad! The new Table is one of my top priorities right now, look forward to an initial release within the next month or so.


Hi @chriddyp - looking forward to the new table component. Very very excited :smiley: . Any idea when it might be available? Something like this would be fantastic - https://github.com/nadbm/react-datasheet !


Looking for this feature!


any updates on this feature? :slight_smile:


We’re looking to open source our work torwards the end of the month. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to announce it on this forum :wink:


Can’t wait for this ^___^ :smiley: