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If I want to use data from a file to generate a set of plots, how can I do this?

My initial expectation was that I would have an initial page for the file upload and that the successful upload would trigger the loading of another page with the graphs/dashboard. I heard that there’s multi-app support in Dash in master at the moment but I am not sure I need to go that far.

Any suggestions on how to get something like this done?

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Paulo Matos


Right now, you would need to preload this data and offer a UI for selecting different (available) data files. If you want the viewers of your dash app to supply their own data files (e.g. upload a CSV), then you’ll have to wait for an official dash_core_components.Upload button (or build your own or contract us to build one).


@chriddyp Is there an rough timeframe by when the official upload component will be released?


Likely sometime this fall, unless expedited by a corporate sponsor.


Thanks for the update


Update: Adding support for this in


Update: this is now available in dash-core-components==0.14.0. View the documentation here:


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