DataTable column clickalbe to link to url

hi! i’ve gone through several forum posts including
and am wondering if anyone has tried to make a column value in each of the rows an href that’s clickable so that it links to a url??

i’d like to do something like this
but still want to use the awesome dt.DataTable for sorting, searching, and filtering.

something i am currently trying is clicking on a cell and opening a button that links to a url but it seems like too much of a hack and am thinking it will come back and bite me later on.

would appreciate any ideas, thank you!!

We haven’t supported this in the new version of our table (releasing soon), but we’d like to support it soon after launch.

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awesome thank you @chriddyp!

@chriddyp, when do you expect to have this feature available in the Dash DataTable?



@chriddyp Is there a GH issue we can subscribe or even help on that ?

Here’s the Github issue for this:

Hey, ya’ll what’s the status on this, can’t seem to get url hyperlinks into my datatable…

It would be really awesome if we could use Markdown inside data table cells, similar to the tooltip Markdown support right now.