Deploy dash to github pages


Hi I was doing some research on Dash and other frameworks that could help be create single page dashboards. With Dash it wasnt clear to me whether or not you could deploy dash based web apps to github pages. I understand Dash is built on flask, so would it be as simple as it states in the Dash tutorial on deployment for accessing flask directly, then possibly generate the static pages with freeze-flask?

I have never used flask or dash, so I just wanted to make sure this was possible before I spend too much time spinning my wheels on something that is not possible.



This isn’t possible right now, as Dash’s JS front-end renders the content on the page, not flask. This will be possible in the future when we have dash clientside:


@chriddyp Thanks for the info. I took a look at the issue. This update looks really great! How close is it until it will be released?