"Error loading dependencies" in IE but not in Chrome


I get an error message of “Error loading dependencies” in internet explorer 11 but not in chrome. Also, if I open up the developer tools, Internet Explorer works fine. I noticed that there’s a drop-down for Document Mode that says Edge when the developer tools is open and the app is working. If I switch it to Document Mode “10”, I get the same “Error loading dependencies” and a bunch of error messages in the js console:

TypeError: Invalid calling object


Unhandled promise rejection TypeError: Unable to get property 'find' of undefined or null reference

So far I’ve tried creating an inherited class from dash.Dash that adds the following to the head of the html:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />

but that didn’t solve the issue. What else might be causing this? I’m pretty sure it isn’t a python dependence error first because it works fine in chrome and second because the console doesn’t throw any errors.


I’ve assumed that this is related to using IE since I can’t reproduce the issue in Chrome but it occurs every time in IE. Has anyone seen this before?


Hi RagingRoosevelt,

Is this on a personal or company pc? I have had problems with IE related to company security settings.



Yeah, it’s a work computer. Do you know what security settings might be causing the problem?