Error: read ECONNRESET : Cannot to Impala via Falcon SQL client


I’m trying to connect to Apache Impala via Falcon SQl Client 2.3.2 and 2.4.0 but the connection fails with
Error: read ECONNRESET error.
Also when I try connecting to Impala via Falcon SQL client with the example credentials I get "Error: connect ETIMEDOUT"


We’ve updated the test servers. Please, replace with


What about Error: read ECONNRESET error. when I’m trying to connect to my impala database. When I connect via Db Visualizer tool using the same hostname and port it works fine.

Error: read ECONNRESET is my main issue.

BTW,I tried your test hostname and it worked fine. But really I need to connect to my impala database.
It would be great if you guys can provide me some debugging tips or let me know a time for me to talk with you guys.



Oh, I missed the ECONNRESET.

If you have access to the logs of the impala server, please, check whether the connection is reset by the impala server or by the Falcon client.

Another thing you can check is to run the query 'SELECT ID FROM (SELECT 1 ID) DUAL WHERE ID=0'. Falcon uses this query to determine whether the connection succeeded.