Extending dash components

The current documentation on plugins covers creating new Dash components from scratch nicely,


Though i am not very familiar with JS, i was able to cook up a few simple ones myself (a go-to-link component, an image toggle element, …). Now, i am facing a scenario where one of the current dash components is close to what i need, but needs some modification. Hence i was thinking that the easiest way to accomplish my goal would be to extend that component and add/overrride functionality as needed.

Is there any documentation and/or examples available for this kind of use case? I guess i would need to import the dash core components somehow :slight_smile:

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Hi @Emil,

That’s a good idea! I made an issue for your suggestion here: https://github.com/plotly/dash-docs/issues/719. If you end up developing a new functionality or fixing a bug, I’d encourage you to make a pull request on the relevant repository (e.g. dash-core-components).