Figure Resizing and Moving Options


I am still in the process of working through the Dash tutorial but I would like to know if anyone has any examples of providing the user with a means to move and resize figures dynamically.

For example,

If it is all possible I would like to create an app which allows a user to select a timeseries data - like a stock ticker, and have a new figure be created - much like with the ability to resize and move the figures.

I have read but before I dig in I want to see if the community has any recommendations.

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I am eager to jump in and give this a try - but I sure would appreciate a some feedback from those of you with react experience . Is this something that is feasible, or would it me a major undertaking to pull off?

The only thing I’ve seen like this is dash-draggable which lets you move figures (or other components) around, but not resize them (as far as I know, I haven’t actually used it).

Thanks for the link tcbegley, looks like a great example to get started.

I’ve also stumbled upon which looks to have this capability.

Just a little comment on this: I have played around with dash-draggable and it is super easy to implement and works fine. But I have not managed to implement dash-resizable around a figure component, the resizing of the parent div needs to trigger the plot to resize, which it doesnt, it will resize on the smaller/larger resizing if u move around your browser or get the screen overall to resize.

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