Gantt Chart with scatter plot


Hello everyone,
I need to create 3 graphs in one:
1) A gantt chart
2) a scatter plot / points chart that will highlight some dates in the gantt for some of the projects
3) another line plot that will link some of the dates

So far I haven’t found out how you can add a Gantt and another type of graph in plotly.

Is this even possible? And, if so, how?

I have the Gantt created and it looks great, but now I’m completely stuck.

Thanks a lot for your help!


@Ural1976 Here is an example on how to add new traces to a Gantt chart.


Thanks a lot, @empet, but that link is empty :sob:


@Ural1976 No, it isn’t

Try its extended version:


Unfortunately I don’t see any of that using either of the links. Probably something to do with the way my browser is setup?

The White Box in the middle is completely blank.


@Ural1976 It’s for the first time when I hear that a file here is invisible :slight_smile: I posted it as a gist, too:


Dear @empet, people should chant your knowledge, wisdom and grace for generations to come. Thank you so much for your help, kind sir. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


@Ural1976 Thank you, but don’t call me sir, I’m Emilia :slight_smile:


Apologies Emilia, I saw the John Lennon avatar and made the (incorrect) assumption. I’m sorry. Like if you assumed that I were an evil god from outer space… I see now how shallow that was. Again, please do accept my apologies and my thanks!!! :smile: