Graph has no interaction when embedded with HTML and doesn't show up at all when embedded with iframe


Hi there,

I’m sorry if this is too easy or obvious of a enquiry, but I am using Plotly for a coursework and have made the following graph: and am experiencing problems. A fellow classmate is having the same issue, so I thought I would ask here about it.

When I try embedding my graph into my html file with the html code, it shows up as a static image (no interaction) and looks kind of pixelated, and when I try embedding it with the iframe code, it doesn’t show up at all, saying “It may have been moved or deleted :(” on a grey background.

Is there maybe something I have to add to the head of my HTML document to make it work?
Or could it have somehing to do with the fact that my HTML file is only saved as a local file on my computer thus far?

Thank you for any help, I am very lost.