Heatmap animation doesnt happen smoothly


Hello Plotly Team,
I am looking for some help.
I am building an animation of heatmaps with play and pause control buttons, number of colors dropdown to control number of colors in heatmap and slider.

Please have a look at screenshot below:

The heatmap animation does not happen smoothly. Is there some way to make it display like a movie.

Plot Link:https://plot.ly/~apurva99/64


Hey @apurva99

I’m not sure about a movie-like quality but have you tried out playing with these attributes (frames and transition) https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/blob/5bc25b490702e5ed61265207833dbd58e8ab27f1/src/plots/animation_attributes.js#L43-L120


Thank You for your reply.
I tried playing around all these features. It doesnt seem to work for me.
What exactly happens is that it clears the whole grid and then displays the next frame.
It does not transition smoothly from one frame to another.