Heatmap in polar coordinates


I want to make a heatmap graph in polar coordinate. There is many examples with scaterplotpolar, but nothing to make polar graph with other graphs types.
Is this supported ?


@ghislainp Polar heatmap is not supported at the moment. It makes sense to plot such a heatmap when you intend to map your data to a cyclical colorscale, according to their polar angle. In this case you should use a circular colorscale such as hsv or phase (from matplotlib cmocean). See the attached images.

Here is an example of polar heatmap:
https://plot.ly/~empet/13959. If you are interested in this type of heatmap, and your data is in cartesian coordinates, drop here a message and I’ll post a jupyter notebook illustrating how to define it.

HSV colorscale:

phase colorscale: