How to delete multiple plots?



I’ve accumulated a lot of graphs in my plotly could workspace. Is there an easy way to “delete all” of my graphs?

Thanks for any assistance!


Hey @ajf6347,

You can delete them manually in your home folder or otherwise run a script like this Python script


Thank you for the quick response. I tried the python script that you suggested, but the requests.get returns status code 401, despite that I am providing the correct username and pwd.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I’m having the same issue. Hit the max and I can’t use plotly unless I delete some. I have tons that I want to delete but I can’t.

Trying to delete whole folders from the web interface pops up a window with the error “(0 , I.unknownApiError) is not a function”.

The script does not provide an options to, say, delete all plots older than X days, or a whole folder.

Any help would be appreciated