How to insert javascript to dash


I am new to use js and I insert a line of js in the html.Script in app.layout, but it don’t work

app.layout = html.Div([
    html.Div(id = 'uuu') ,
    html.Script('document.getElementById("uuu").innerHTML = "Hello"', type="text/JavaScript")   

then, I save

document.getElementById(“uuu”).innerHTML = “Hello”

to github and change the app.scripts.append_script by url

“external_url”: my_js_url

but it don’t work, too…

the javascript can work well on console in google chrome, so how do I make it work in dash …?


@jimmybow - did you end up figuring this out? append_script should work although the document.getElementById might be referring to an ID that hasn’t yet rendered on the page itself.

I haven’t experimented with using html.Script itself either.


from my try, html.Script() is not available…, I don’t know the reason… ,
append_script is available , but it can’t change the content in app.layout (from react.js)…
the way i only can do is build a new dcc to run javascript …


Hi chriddyp,

have you try out the html.Script?



Yeah I’m having a problem with a script that relies on an Id that has not been rendered yet. Using the html.Script tag (rendered at a later date) doesn’t seem to work, does the Script tag even do anything atm?