Images/SVG/Custom Icons Scatter-mapbox

Hello community,

I’ve drawn a scattermap with points as marker, but my client wants to specific icons.
These icons don’t appear in the documentation or the mapbox icons. He wants to his own icons…
so how can I put images or my own SVGs on scatter-map and legend? I need custom the icon color too.

I need something like this.


Thank you so much.

Hi @Sampal, maybe you could use layout images as described in, and add transparent markers on top of it (for the hover in particular).

@Sampal Mapbox provides many icons, but they aren’t colored like in your posted image. Take a look at this discussion, where you can find an example: Scattermapbox marker with no fill and the link to mapbox icons.

Dash Leaflet supports custom icons, so that could be an options.

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