Is it possible to have multiple Y axis 0(zero) positions in same line?



I have 3 different Y axis’s (Left, center, right) and 1 X-Axis. Three Y-Axis’s sharing one X-Axis which is fine and now these three Y-Axis’s have three different 0 positions (plotting in different locations). I need all 3 Y-Axis 0 positions in one line. i tried with range[-10,10], it is effecting to all 3 axis’s but i need three separate behaviors for all Y-Axis’s. Is there any way to do that?



I’m not 100% sure what you’re looking for (a screenshot would help).

Two potential solutions:

  • use new axis attribute matches
  • note that axis.position cannot be negative, so to place an axis to the left of the default y-axis, you need to set xaxis.domain[0] to something greater than 0, to leave room for additional axes.

I found the solution for alignment Also i need all Y-Axis’s grid lines in same position. is there any way to do that?