Our new boilerplate dash app supporting Celery (show and tell)

Hi folks. We’ve completely updated our Wiley boilerplate dash app to take advantage of the new features of Dash Deployment Server.

Key features include:

  • Execution of long-running tasks on a Redis database via Celery (no more server timeouts or flashing screens!)
  • Display/interrogate results using DataTable
  • Download results in Excel format via Amazon S3
  • Verbose logging in the Terminal to help learning and debugging

Even with the extra features, it should still be possible to drop in your own query code from a Jupyter Notebook, for example, with minimal modifications to the plumbing of the app itself. Just design a new query form and figure out how you want to display the results. Everything else should look after itself. See the readme for details.

As always we’re happy to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement!


Hey There!

Thanks again for this post!
I have a bit of a basic question - how do you recommend one populates the the environment with the variables such as the plotly username etc?

Additionally, if I intend to deploy this on my own personal server and not the deployment server can I omit any of the aforementioned variables?

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