Python: Plotly Animation Tutorial Draws Every Data instead of Step by Step


I am trying to add another figure next to this plot using the same slider and same format. I want to:

  • New plot that has two graphs in it:

    • One scatter plot which is the daily sum of the 24-hour data. (y-axis 2)
    • One bar plot which is the cumulative sum of each day in the month. (y-axis 1)
  • Add a drop-down button to select different months for two plots.

  • The slider will change both plots.

I’ve calculated this data. And I’m trying to navigate through this post Multiple Plots running on Frames and the documentation from Github but I can’t seem to plot the bar chart and the scatter on the same plot while having it animate when the slider moves. And the drop down menu placement is off. Could you help me with that?