Restore deleted folder



I’ve been using the free service of plotly for many years now and recently signed in after a longer break. During tidying up my charts, I deleted a folder by accident. I thought it might be easy to restore, but plotly tells me it’s impossible, because I would exceed the allowed number of private charts. I made each of my charts public, but I’m still getting the same error. I suppose there were some private charts in this deleted folder- but, of course, as the folder is in the trash, I cant access them in order to change that.

Does anyone know a solution or workaround? These charts were quite important. I suppose subscribing for the paid service would do the trick, however, I don’t really need that apart otherwise…

Appreciate your help! Cheers, Rouven


I think what’s happening here is that you created these charts before we changed the limit on the number of charts a free account could have at any given time. The state of your account was grandfathered in but that means your current number of non-trashed charts can only go down and not back up… Can you private-message me with your Chart Studio Cloud username and the name of the folder and I’ll see what I can do about undoing this situation?