Show and Tell - Community Thread 🎉


Very impressive collection of Dash apps by @eliasdabbas -

Community thread: Dash App of Apps (Show and Tell)



Ski Jump Design Tool!

A ski jump design tool for equivalent fall height. Includes a library for 2D skiing simulations and a graphical web application for designing ski jumps.


Dash Wrapper around pyLDAvis:, PyLDAvis Component

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dj-plotly-dash - Plotly Dash fork for Django
dash-flexbox-grid - Wrapper around react-flexbox-grid for Plotly Dash


Really cool statistical blog written entirely in Dash :sparkles:

Community Thread: Making Statistical Blogs


Blockchain Digital Good Auction App: Show and Tell - Blockchain Digital Good Auctions. Really nice use of interactive elements non-default graph configurations (log x-axis, nice horizontal legend)


Really incredible image processing app: Dash Image Processing App - using Pillow, S3 and Redis


Very extensive “College Scorecard App”: Show and tell - viewing CollegeScoreCard data


Added small sample on our lab repo: SHAP Dash! Explanations on Dash
(binder available, just click the link to start jupyter fully configured and ready to run)



Very cool app to compare the history of growth of online wiki communities. Excellent use of a sidebar, tabs, and full-page-height checklists:

Community discussion here: Show and Tell - WikiChron


Still working on the MandelBulb but I thought I’d share the MandelBrot zoom:


Today I’m excited to show and tell Dash DataTable :tada:

This a complete rewrite of the dash-table-experiments project. We’ve been working on the new version of the DataTable for over 7 months and we’ve written it completely from scratch in React.


:point_right: Community Thread: Introducing Dash DataTable 🎉
:point_right: Documentation:
:point_right: GitHub:


I’ve been looking forward to that!

Here’s my first attempt at a DataTable simple app :slight_smile:

Get what’s trending on Twitter for all available locations

  • Tweet volume
  • Sort by location, rank, country, time
  • Filter
  • Supports multiple locations at the same time
  • Export table
  • Powered by the brand new Dash DataTable!


Some ideas about styling: DataTable (Alpha) - Styling

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A dash wrapper for Perspective: perspective-dash-component


Ok so maybe mine isn’t as good as @timkpaine but I still thought this work in progress was worth a share:

#40 (San Jose Data portal analysis - 1st Plotly Dash) (trends analysis of global surface temp v societal variables) (auto-updated twitter sentiment analysis on ‘climate change’)


Dash Component for Plaid LoginForm:

alt text


While not necessarily a new component, I wanted to show this unique blend of @xhlu’s Dash Draggable and sd-material-ui


UPDATE: Works as expected/desired now and up on repo (GIF posted here demonstrates concept but not actual functionality)