Show and Tell - Community Thread πŸŽ‰


Very impressive collection of Dash apps by @eliasdabbas -

Community thread: Dash App of Apps (Show and Tell)



Ski Jump Design Tool!

A ski jump design tool for equivalent fall height. Includes a library for 2D skiing simulations and a graphical web application for designing ski jumps.


Dash Wrapper around pyLDAvis:, Dash-dangerously-set-inner-html with a standalone HTML file



dj-plotly-dash - Plotly Dash fork for Django
dash-flexbox-grid - Wrapper around react-flexbox-grid for Plotly Dash


Really cool statistical blog written entirely in Dash :sparkles:

Community Thread: Making Statistical Blogs


Blockchain Digital Good Auction App: Show and Tell - Blockchain Digital Good Auctions. Really nice use of interactive elements non-default graph configurations (log x-axis, nice horizontal legend)


Really incredible image processing app: Dash Image Processing App - using Pillow, S3 and Redis


Very extensive β€œCollege Scorecard App”: Show and tell - viewing CollegeScoreCard data


Added small sample on our lab repo: SHAP Dash! Explanations on Dash
(binder available, just click the link to start jupyter fully configured and ready to run)