Subplots and multiple layouts

Is it possible, with multiple subplots, to give them their own independent layout? Specifically, I want to create a custom line shape within each layout of each subplot.

How do you change the line shape for all of them? I cant find that attribute in the layout of my graphs, but maybe I can figure out how to do that for individual ones if you can tell me how to do it in general.

Some time ago, I did manage to create a bar graph, and then add p_value annotations by looping through the layout the following way(abbreviated):

    for enum, xd in enumerate(x_data):
                    #positions on x axis based on current box
                    #positions text based on y axis based on the median of current box
                    text='p: {}<br>n: {}'.format(p, n),
                    #determines the length of the arrow for the annotation text

Maybe something similar is possible for your problem.

I found this discussion which looks like it should answer your question.

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