Table styling options


I’ve been playing around with the new plotly “table” trace and have managed to get it mostly working the way I would like. There were a few things that I couldn’t figure out how to do, was wondering if it’s something I’ve missed or if these are just not possible:

  1. Remove the vertical grid lines (cell borders), so there’s only horizontal borders in the table?
  2. Disable column drag-and-drop?
  3. Disable the fixed header row behaviour when scrolling a long table?
  4. Highlight the current row on hover?

Thanks for your help.


Here’s a complete list of table attributes:

I don’t think 1-4 are possible right now. They’d all be nice additions though, feel free to make a PR.


Thanks Jack, good to know. I’ll look into it.


Curious if you ever figured out a way to disable the drag and drop functionality?


I looked into the code and I have not found any switch for it. So not possible. :frowning: