View 3D/CAD data

I wonder if there are any modules/plugins/examples for Dash to view CAD files like OBJ, DXF or SKP? I am also interested in visualizing data on the Cad/3D files.

There isn’t a native CAD viewer in Dash yet, but here are some other options:

Just curious, what’s your particular use case for using Dash to do this?

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Thanks a lot. I am involved in a project where we want to visualize 3D Rhino grasshopper simulations (daylight, energy performance and thermal comfort) combined with CAD geometries to optimize buildings and whole areas. The plan is develop a platform for architects and engineers to exchange information and I think Dash would be very useful.


@maxt A mesh3d can be derived from an obj file, too:

Data from a DXF file can be extracted via the Python package dxfgrabber
and then use them to define plotly traces
representing the corresponding DXF drawings.


Amazing @empet!!

The interactivity is really neat, you can even zoom inside the car:


Hi Max!
Did you get the answer to your question here?
Small world : )
I thought your page on listing building energy optimization tools at

may be of ineterst to @alexcjohnson @jack

Updates of the notebooks illustrating how to extract data for a Mesh3d instance from files in ply, off, Wavefront obj or STL format:

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