What colorscales are available in plotly, and which are the default?


Very confused. “Viridis” is available, but not mentioned in the documentation. There is a link https://plot.ly/ipython-notebooks/color-scales/ that shows a lot of color scales, but since it’s missing Viridis, I don’t know what else it’s missing.

And also I couldn’t figure out what plotly uses as a default color scale for a marker / line / etc. (does it depend on the context?).


This is the list of Plotly colorscales:

The default colorscale is ‘RdBu’.
You can convert the new magma and parula matplotlib colormaps, respectively cmocean colormaps (http://matplotlib.org/cmocean/) to Plotly colorscales,
as it is shown here:


Thank you! Where did you find this info?


Looking for a color-by-value option: I’d like to apply a colorscale like to some scatter plot data (a ternary plot actually…similar to a scatterplot in which there are x,y,z coordinates and a forth column “c” that would have a numerical value to be scaled by color). It is not clear how to assign colors this way via Plot.ly 2.0. Please advise.


This would be helpful to know. Many colors in the list above are not available in plotly for R, but if we knew where to look we could determine availability.