Why are different Y-axes arrangements no longer available in Chart Studio?

I’ve been trying multiple different ways to put several Y-axes on the left side of a multi-trace plot. It used to be simple (and there used to be a method similar to what is in the Help on this). But now it does not appear that option is available. It’s really useful, and I wonder if I’m missing where it went.

We’ve moved these options in the Subplots panel, which provides a lot more control over axis placement and behaviour.

Shortly after I asked the question, I figured out how to do what I needed to do. However, there are no instructions or Help anywhere that explain how to do this; the Help tutorial is outdated. Plus, I’m still unsure how to put more than two Y-axes on the left side. So if there are some clearer instructions on how to use the Subplots panel, that would be quite useful!

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