Floating y axis causes range buttons to move to bottom of chart


Hi there,
I have a rather complex chart - multiple Y axis and single X axis. When I added multiple Y axis that float over the chart it moves the range buttons from top left to bottom left. Is this by design? Is there any obvious way to get them back to where they are meant to be? I have drawn red box on screen shot where buttons were before multiple axis.




Thanks for the report. Can you share a reproducible example in a codepen/jsfiddle to help us debug?


I figured out if I had my y0 axis anchored and all the others free it fixed the problem.

Here is it reproduced anyhow: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/ZPJBWZ

So a better definition of bug is: Range selector buttons unexpectedly move to bottom of plot when y0 is set to anchor: free.